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    Positronics - Buy Cannabis Seeds


    About Positronics

    Positronics was the first Growshop in history and founded by Wernard Bruining in the Netherlands. Its origins go back to the 60s when he moved to Amsterdam where he found his true vocation to study and investigate cannabis plants, he joined the "Second Home" commune, which gave rise to "Mellow Yellow" which was an old bakery transformed into tearoom.

    Wernard travels to the US to continue researching the cannabis plant, there he was fortunate to discover the "Sinsemilla" - a marijuana of very high quality and high potency which comes from an unfertilised plant, but produces high levels of THC. He returned to Amsterdam loaded with seeds with the aim of turning Holland into a small Jamaica, however in 1996, Positronics filed for bankruptcy only to resuscitate in Spain. Sebastian, owner of a cultivating shop in Malaga and a great admirer of Wernard, came up with the idea of introducing the best known and popular varieties into the Spanish market. With the permission of Wernard, the first varieties of feminised hemp seeds from Positronics were marketed.

    In our online shop you can choose and buy feminised and autoflowering marijuana seeds from the great collection we have from Positronics.