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Orient Express 100% (5)


Description: One of our most popular varieties, which has been giving endless happiness to growers since the beginnings of ACE Seeds. Orient Express is a potent F1 hybrid that combines the high yield of aromatic and resinous flowers of our selected Vietnam Black mother with the low height and short flowering time of our Chinese Yunnan Indica. Recommended for Asian sativa lovers with small gardens.

Genetics: 60 % sativa/ 40% indica. Vietnam Black sativa x China Yunnan indica.
Structure: Excellent structure, short sized plant with great branching.
Bouquet: It’s deep and organic aroma is reminiscent of a rainforest, full of life. It has a dense earthy flavor with floral details that linger in the palate.
High: Warm, clean and pleasant sativa effect without paranoia or anxiety. Perfect for chatting and for enjoying in company.
Growing Tips: Adapts excellently to indoor growing. In order to obtain the best results in indoors, we recommend warm temperatures (around 25ºC) during the growing and the first 4 weeks of flowering. In the last month, temperatures should be reduced to 20ºC for the rest of the flowering process.

Orient Express is a variety that generally requires high levels of nutrients, therefore generously fertilizes it until the 6th flowering week in order to produce a boundless harvest.

Outdoors, it is a very adaptable plant that has been bred for years all throughout the Iberian Peninsula and even in colder climates such as in southern France or eastern Europe

Datasheet Orient Express 100% (5)

Vietnam Black Sativa x China Yunnan Indica
Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
mostly Sativa
Flowering (days):
THC (%):
earthy, floral
Early October
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