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    Chitral is famous in the cannabis world as one of Pakistan's best hashish producers. The Chitral Pakistan line that we offer is a superb pure Indica. It was selected when working with cannabis began in the mid-'90s on the Iberian Peninsula. Our friends from Cannabiogen have selected and reproduced over a period of 5 generations, in search of the best qualities of cannabis plants, and to maintain a wide genetic diversity in the population. Certainly with this line is an explosion of colors and aromas. The 2 major phenotypes found: one green phenotype and another very colorful one. Both species produce plants of great adaptability, fast maturation, large production of resin and strong effect.

    The green phenotype produces plants that are slightly stronger and more resinous, while the colorful plants are a real spectacle of their aromas of berries and the colors pink, red, purple but also need longer to mature. The latter is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Indica varieties we have the pleasure to know.

    The Chitral Pakistan has an amazing resistance to fungal attack and rain, and an exceptional breeding tool, with which they have developed large hybrids that are considered pure Indica. Their quality of terpenes, colors, resin production and their resilience and adaptability to different cultures, make it easy to spread their hybrids.

    A real gem, which we finally pass on to Indica lovers and cannabis breeders.

    GENETICS: Pure Indica of Chitral on Hindu Kush in Pakistan.

    STRUCTURE: Typical Indica appearance, medium internodes, good foliage and branching, not as robust as pure Afghans.

    BOUQUET: Large selection of sweets flavors, always round and penetrating. The bouquet of the green phenotype is caramel, with hints reminiscent of ripe peach, earthy background and woody. Red and purple plants smell like strawberries.

    EFFECT: Pleasant and relaxing.

    BREED RECOMMENDATIONS: Excellent adaptability to indoor growing and a wide range of outdoor climates: hot or cold, dry or rainy.

    Pure variety / Line stabilized: 100% Indica
    Indoor flowering time: 8-9 weeks
    Flowering outdoor: end of September
    Yield / m2: Medium
    Resistance to spider mites: Medium
    Resistance to mildew: medium-high
    Botrytis Resistance: High
    Cold resistance: high

    Datasheet Pakistan Chitral Kush 100% (3)

    mostly Indica
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