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  • Panama 100% (3)

    Our Panama combines 3 excellent sativas from Panama. It is one of the most popular, powerful and high yielding sativa in our catalogue.

    Very elaborated hybrid of greatpotency and vegetative vigor. It produces beautiful, large, dense flowers full of trichomes often showing reddish and pinkish shades when flowering.

    Its aroma and effect are reminiscent of the best red Colombian and Panamanian sativas from the 70’s.

    Genetics: 100 % sativa, F6 half stabilized hybrid between 3 different Panamanian sativas.
    Structure: Tall and branched sativa of great strenght.
    Bouquet: Penetrating organic aroma of lemon and incense.
    HigH: Very powerful, dense, psychedelic and long lasting effect. One of our most powerful strains.

    Excellent adaptation to indoor grows.
    Outdoors, it is a very adaptable plant that has been successfully grown for years throughout the Iberian Peninsula and even in colder climates such as in southern France or Eastern Europe.
    It accepts very good high levels of nutrients, producing an enormous harvest when the conditions are adequate.

    Datasheet Panama 100% (3)

    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    mostly Sativa
    Flowering (days):
    THC (%):
    lemon, incense
    powerful, psychedelic and long lasting
    end of October
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