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  • Violeta Reg. (10)

    Violeta is a dominant indica hybrid that matures with intense purple and reddish colors.

    It's the result of crossing 2 purple strains: the mother is the Purple Malawi, a very special expression of purple african sativa, that was pollinated by the best and more colorful Pakistan Chitral Kush indica parental plants.

    Violeta will conquer you, not only for her beauty and amazing colors. Her unique balsamic/fruity aroma and balanced effect makes her a favourite choice for all kind of growers and gardens.

    Tipo: F1 HYBRID
    Format: Standard
    Sativa / Indica ratio: 60 % indica / 40 % sativa
    THC. 12-14 %
    CBD: Below 1 %
    Flowering indoors: 8-9 weeks
    Flowering outdoors: End of September / Early October
    Yield: Average
    Resistance against spider mites: Average-High
    Resistance against powder mildew: High
    Resistance against botrytis: High
    Resistance against white fly: Average-High
    Resistance against cold: High
    Resistance against heat: High
    Latitude: 0º-47º
    Genetics: Purple Malawi x Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush.
    Structure: Strong, robust and compact, with good branching.
    Bouquet: Interesting balsamic aroma, with a background of forest fruits air freshener.
    High: Kind and well balanced sativa/indica effect.

    Growing Tips:
    Excellent adaptability to indoor growing.
    Outdoors, it is also a very adaptable plant that has been successfully grown in warm or cold climates, maturing correctly until latitude 47.
    We recommend average fertilizer levels for the whole cycle.

    Datasheet Violeta Reg. (10)

    Purple Malawi x Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush
    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    mostly Indica
    Flowering (days):
    THC (%):
    balsamic aroma, forest fruits, air freshener
    balanced sativa / indica effect
    End of September / Early October
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