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Narkosis 100% (6)

Narkosis, born of the junction of our precious critical, powerful and intense, and the sweetness of which presumed Somango, definitely a very interesting crossroads for any good grower.

Indica variety with fruity flavor, with a slight catch mossy, product of corossing two plants with taste and power, narkosis inherits the properties of its progenitors, its early flowering and fruit smell; intoxicating, euphoric and lasting effect.

Blend: Indica
Flowering: 56 - 60 days
Outdoors Harvest: End September
Genotype: Critical x Somango
Crop: 550 gr/m2

Datasheet Narkosis 100% (6)

Critical x Somango
Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
mostly Indica
Flowering (days):
Height (cm):
THC (%):
CBD (%):
sweet, fruity
body stone
End of September
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