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La Diva AUTO 100% (3)

A cross between a stupendous Blueberry clone from DJ Short and our own Il Diavolo, this is a first generation auto. A vigorous grower and despite being a medium-sized plant, usually creates good lateral branches. Once the seeds germinate, we should try and place them in the final pot or space. Either in a small container (yoghurt pot size) to see the plants’ initial development to then transfer them into the final pot before the third pair of leaves become visible.

This will prevent premature flowering. Indoors, it’s a good idea to separate the plants as they grow so that light can reach all the lateral branches. Good yields are easy for beginners and more advanced growers alike. In very cold climates it’s a very attractive option for a summer harvest while in Mediterranean, or warmer, climes two or three harvests a season are very common.

La Diva will surprise you with its delicate aroma and fruity taste with citrussy back notes. During drying the more volatile substances give way to a taste somewhere between acidic fruit and pepper with a hash aftertaste.

The effect is very strong and physical although it causes light mental stimulation, making it very tolerable from the start. Some consumers experience a state of deep introspection, ideal for meditation or simple contemplation. A strain that has been shown to be a perfect analgesic and to calm states of anxiety or nervousness.

Indoor Harvest Time from 45 to 55 days
Flavour Citric fruit
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 300 g/m2 indoor. 50-80g/plant outdoor
Smell High
Efect Narcotic
Resistance to mold Medium
Outdoor Harvest Time Automatic (45 days)
Resistance to plagues High
Sex Feminized
Lineage Il Diavolo x Original Blueberry
Irrigation tolerancy Medium
Medicinal value Very high

Datasheet La Diva AUTO 100% (3)

Il Diavolo x Blueberry
mostly Indica
Flowering (days):
THC (%):
Yield Indoor (g/m2):
Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
fruity taste with citrussy back notes
very strong and physical although it causes light mental stimulation
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