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    Resin, speed and yield are the main values of this plant. We use our Ed Rosenthal Super Bud mom with an extreme sativa production, pollinated by our selected Chronic reversed, resulting in a rapid flowering plant,? a lot of resin and large productions. Goes well branched, with a vigorous vegetative growth and fast becoming an extremely short flowering period for a big yelder thats not loose any quality at harvest.

    The flavors range from lemon, skunk and incense, there are some haze touchs.

    The effect is quick and powerful, providing a state of happiness that uninhibited completey you. Undoubtedly the variety is perfect for mass production of crops.

    Flora Time: 7 to 8 weeks
    Time flora ext: late September, early October.
    Production int: 700 - 900 gr
    Production ext: around a kilo per plant in mother earth.

    Aero and hydro crops, put directly into 12/12
    In homeland, under the sun's ultraviolet rays, can generate strong effects sativas buds.

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