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    Kong 47 100% (4)

    A marijuana seed that comes from the cross between King Kong and Ak-47. The The result is a cannabis strain that grows very strong, robust, easy to grow, short flowering, powerful and productive.

    Kong 47 develops a medium to large-sized cannabis plant with a sturdy structure, small to medium knot spacing and medium sized leaves. This plant grows vigorously and offers generous harvests of large, thick, resin-covered buds. During the flowering phase it is very convenient to use anti-odour filters. Its rapid flowering makes it easier to avoid most of the problems associated with excess humidity. There is no doubt that it possesses traits of Skunk genetics.

    This seed develops correctly indoors as long as its growth is moderate, since, depending on the phenotype, it tends to stretch excessively. It requires standard fertilization and is ideal for novice as well as expert growers.

    Kong 47 is a marijuana plant that produces an intense aroma and taste, with notes of Skunk, sweet fruits and brewer's yeast. This is an ideal cannabis seed for collectors looking for a clear, cerebral, powerful and long lasting high.

    Genetics: King Kong "brutal cut" (Dr. Underground) x AK47 (Serious Seeds)
    Flowering time: 49-56 days
    Effect: Relaxing with a clear high at the beginning, and a stoned crushing finish.

    Harvest time outdoor: first weeks of September
    Depending on growing methods you can reach up to 1200g/m², outdoor are up to 1500g/m² possible.
    The taste is fruity with a strong Skunk background, that remains also after drying.

    Datasheet Kong 47 100% (4)

    King Kong x Ak 47
    mostly Indica
    Flowering (days):
    fruity, skunky, grapefruit, lime
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