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Auto Banana Blaze 100% (3)

The autoflowering version of Banana Blaze is just as mind-numbingly potent as the original photoperiod version. The powerful effect and sweet, fruity, banana-like taste are very similar.
In 12 weeks, this light feeding auto grows from feminized autoflowering seed to a beautiful little Xmas tree up to a metre tall. She may not require nutrients every time your water her, but by looking at the plant she will tell you exactly how she feels and what she needs. This is good practice for all the growers out there!

In the right hands Auto Banana Blaze can produce 150 grams of top-quality bud per plant. Where possible we recommend growing this lady organically. The yields may not be quite as high as hydroponically grown plants, but the taste and quality of the product may reach new levels.

Datasheet Auto Banana Blaze 100% (3)

mostly Indica
Height (cm):
Sweet, fruity, banana
84 days
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