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Auto Duck 100% (3)

Auto Duck® is a stealth cannabis variety with unusually shaped cannabis leaves which make it difficult to identify as cannabis, especially during the first half of its life before the buds form.

Outdoors this variety tends to take around 85-90 days from seed to harvest, she produces good quality cannabis and will bloom well in good conditions outdoors or in a greenhouse. Indoors, she is ready after about 75 days of 20/4 light.

AutoDuck ® has a stabilized natural leaf deformity, with webbed leaves that resemble a ducks foot print as well as a light odour during bloom.

AutoDuck ® is the autoflowering version of the best selling photoperiod ‘Frisian Duck®’ variety and crossed with our Auto White Widow® which turned it into a high potency autoflowering strain. Auto Duck® has green buds and a similar cannabis scent as Frisian Duck®.

Perfect for urban growing, ideal for growers that don’t want the world to know they’re growing cannabis.

Indoor /Outdoor / Greenhouse
Life cycle 11 -12 weeks
Production L

Datasheet Auto Duck 100% (3)

Frisian Duck x White Widow
11-12 weeks
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