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Auto Skywalker Haze 100% (3)

By crossing Skywalker Haze with Auto Amsterdam Amnesia, our team has created one of the strongest, sativa dominant autoflowering Haze strains that the industry has encountered so far.

The harvests can be considered to have XXL potential. The flowers, which are covered in crystals, can show a tendency to slightly foxtail, but this does not diminish any of the looks of this true beauty.

A strong lemony, yet sweet smell comes from the dense, frosty buds. This lady is quite a stretcher. Outdoors we have seen individuals that can reach more than two meters tall in open ground. For an autoflower that’s quite exceptional.

Typically this autoflower needs around 12 weeks from seed to produce fully mature, ready-for-harvest plants. But note that Auto Skywalker Haze does have two phenotypes that can take a little longer, 13 to 14 weeks. But these are definitely worth the wait!

We believe that this cross shows the amazing potential of crossing new-school with old-skool and we are very happy with the result. You gotta try it to believe it!

Datasheet Auto Skywalker Haze 100% (3)

Skywalker Haze x Auto Amsterdam Amnesia
mostly Sativa
Height (cm):
200 Outdoor
fruity, lemon
12 weeks
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