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Banana Blaze 100% (3)

Treat this lady with love and she'll be real good back to you. Be conservative with nutrients, she doesn't need strong feeds to reach her full XL potential. When grown well, Banana Blaze will yield heavy harvests of tasty buds thanks to the numerous side branches.
She often finishes in a Xmas tree shape with long blooms. She can reach 1.50m tall and flowers for about 8 weeks. You can smell a distinctive banana aroma around harvest time and this can also be tasted, especially on the exhale when smoked. This indica dominant variety gives a great, relaxing body stone.
The special genetics came from an awesome 1990’s Dutch Passion gene bank banana indica. We had stored this “old-school” Banana Indica for a special breeding program just like this. The team were very impressed with the vigour and amazing terpene profile coming from this banana indica.

Datasheet Banana Blaze 100% (3)

mostly Indica
Flowering (days):
Height (cm):
relaxing, physical
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