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    G13 Labs brings the OG13 cannabis strain, a very easy to grow hybrid that produces dense, fruity and resinous buds.

    This hybrid combines genetics from Thailand and Pakistan, also from a splendid Diesel line. Its growth is moderated, thus being perfect for indoor gardening.

    It is also suitable for the SOG technique, for it develops a prominent main stem with few and short side branches.

    The main aim of the breeders was to combine quality, early flowering, compact size and ease of cultivation, so the OG13 is ideal for both novice growers and those who want best results.

    For better results we recommend to grow it in warm climates like the Mediterranean area, where it can show its full potential without problem. It is ready to harvest after 55 days of bloom, with average-high yields.

    This strain induces an intense feeling of body relaxation with a stunning cerebral effect, improving the mood while relieving pains.

    The scent is intense and tasty, fruity and diesel. We recommend using carbon filters to control the odour of the plants.

    OG13 from G13 Labs features:

    Type: Feminised seeds
    Indoor flowering: 55 days
    Outdoor harvest: late September
    Yield: Average-high

    Datasheet OG13 100% (5)

    Thailand, Pakistan, Diesel
    Flowering (days):
    fruity, Diesel
    relaxing, cerebral
    End of September
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