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    If you are looking for an incredibly intense cerebral high, a long-lasting and hard-hitting, creative, stimulating, introspective, very spiritual, euphoric and psychoactive sensation, combined with a pleasant body numbing effect, you can't go wrong with Neville's Haze, an almost pure Sativa with a slight touch of Indica influence. This extremely potent cannabis calls for a grower with a lot of patience, but the productivity and quality of the end product reimburses for the long wait.

    Neville's Haze takes a long time to finish the flowering period for she requires 14 weeks (some specimen even longer) but the result is astounding. In an indoors setup she is able to produce up to 700g/m? and outdoors, where she will be ready for harvesting by mid November, even 1.2kg per plant.

    The buds have the shape of a candle, wear a hairdo of white, lime-green and orange to rust-colored pistils and are covered in tons of trichomes. The buds can become so heavy that the branches need support to avoid bowing down and breaking. The smell is best described as "a skunk got into your spice rack" and when breaking up the buds your olfactory sense is greeted by a sweet tart damp smell. This weed is the perfect choice to put your train of thought on overdrive, the high THC level of 21% will confer wings to it and unhitch the wagon of anxiety and depression.

    Cannabis Cups:
    2nd Prize In The Sativa Category At The Cannabis Tipo Forte Expo 2008
    1st Place In The Seeds Company Category At High Times Cannabis Cup 1998

    Almost pure Haze.

    Strong and psychoactive, very spiritual and introspective. Stimulating, long-lasting high.
    Medicinally effective in pain therapy and as antidepressant.

    14 weeks, with a yield up to 700 gr/m2.
    Tall plant, long and wide branches, ideal for SCRoG or LST.

    Ready by the half November (North hemisphere).Yield up to 1200 gr/plant.
    Ideal for equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate climates, needs support.

    Datasheet Neville's Haze 100% (5)

    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    mostly Sativa
    Flowering (days):
    THC (%):
    Yield Indoor (g/m2):
    Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
    Strong, psychoactive, very spiritual, introspective, stimulating, long-lasting h
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