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Y Griega 100% (3)

Plant's growth begins with a dramatic force, and it is highly advisable to grow it in SCROG, because becomes more manageable.

It does not need an excesive amount of nutrient. Unlike other sativas, this plant surprises us with a robust production of buds, large and extremely resinous, who arrive to cover the stems resin.

This plant maintains a classic haze scent, combined with a slight sweet touch that makes it stand out.

It effects begins with an energy jolt slowly fired in a state of alertness and relaxation.

20% Indica 80% Sativa
Genotype: Amnesia x Kali Mist
Indoor vegetative period: 1 - 2 weeks
Indoor flowering period: 80 - 90 days
Indoor production/m2: 500 gr
Outdoor height: Up to 3,5 meters
Outdoor harvest: Early November
Outdoor production/m: 550 gr

Datasheet Y Griega 100% (3)

Amnesia Haze x Kali Mist
Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
mostly Sativa
Flowering (days):
Height (cm):
Yield Indoor (g/m2):
Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
Haze, sweet
energetic, relaxing
Beginning of November
Medical variety:
Cup Winner:
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