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    Anesthesia is a mix of two genetics (Northern Lights and Black Domina) selected to produce an overwhelming hybrid.

    It’s a plant with the features of a great Indica: delicious, rich in resins, dense and with abundant dark green foliage. It is very appropriate to become a mother because of its fast growing characteristics.

    In the beginning, its flavor is sweet, but eventually turns out to acid. It has a relaxing and enjoyable effect. Also, due to its unique features, Anesthesia can help relieve the effects of certain illnesses.

    Type: 10% Sativa / 90% Indica
    Production: 550 gr. / m2 600 W
    Bloom: 50 / 55 Days
    Height: 80 / 120 cm
    Production: 300 / 1500 gr. per plant
    Bloom Latin America: Mid September
    Bloom Europe: Mid March
    Height: 90 / 180 cm

    Datasheet Anesthesia 100% (3)

    mostly Indica
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