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Motivation 100% (6)

This short/squad-growing Indica plant is the final creation of a long process of development by Magus Genetics. The project combined Sensi Star and Warlock into the ideal indoor plant; during development the genetic lines had names like Starwarz, Medizin Power and London Memories. A very thick layer of resin glands on the flowers and sugar leaves, makes manucuring less necessary, and gives her a popular presence in every growroom. Excellent variety for indoor and closet rooms with limited height. A powerful aroma, sweet with undertones reminding of fresh paint, developes during the flowering period. The effect after smoking Motavation is an overwhelming body stonedness, nailing you to the couch while your mind is fueled with a lot of creative ideas. Executing those ideas however will have to wait until the effects wear off. Any 'boring' or 'depressed' feelings will fall away after a hit of Motavation! This plant has strong medicinal properties for pain-relief and relaxation. Motavation has won its most recent award in September 2013 at the Expogrow-Cup in Irun, Spain. It won FIRST PLACE in the category Indica!

Datasheet Motivation 100% (6)

Sensi Star x Warlock
mostly Indica
Flowering (days):
Yield Indoor (g/m2):
intense, spicy, hashish, exotic, woody
Body stoned
end of October
Medical variety:
Cup Winner:
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