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  • White Lemon 100% (5)

    White Lemon is a well-balancedmarijuanastrain which reflects the qualities of both of its parents equally. It was bred by crossing El Niño with Super Lemon Haze. White Lemon has the leaf structure and the large dense buds of El Niño with the overall plant structure, aroma, flavour and calyx shape of the Super Lemon Haze.
    White Lemon develops medium-spaced inter-nodes and stretches a fair bit in its flowering stage. Its branches are sturdy and easily support the development of large colas. It is a strain that performs equally well in all grow-media whether indoors or outdoors. It's a first-class choice from which to make cuttings as it roots very easily. The long buds become dense and are covered in pistils. At around half way through flowering it already exudes a powerful smell of lemon along with aSkunkodour.
    Indoors the flowering stage takes about 60 days altogether with yields of 0.9 gr/watt/m2; so for example a 1000 watt grow light can yield up to 900 gr/m2. The effect is a real "creeper", taking a while to come on and being rather cerebral at first before evolving into a strong body-stone which is long-lasting.
    Medicinally White Lemon is advised for appetite stimulation,painrelief and to control mood.

    Datasheet White Lemon 100% (5)

    El Niño x Super Lemon Haze
    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    Flowering (days):
    Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
    lemony, very skunk, slightly hazy, spicy, citrus-like, with hints of wood and ce
    long lasting, stoned body feeling, complex, strong
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