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    The AK 47 is not only a powerful weapon but it is also a famous and popular cannabis strain. Sumo Seeds created our own AK 47 which we called the Ultimate AK.

    We called her the Ultimate because of her perfect mix of Sativa and Indica genetics. If you are looking for a very easy to grow cannabis strain, look no further! Our Ultimate AK is the perfect match for novice growers. She is very resistant against lower and higher temperatures, doesn’t need a lot of nutrients and is very resistant against mold. She has a very quick flowering time for a sativa/Indica hybrid.

    The Ultimate AK is a real international mix of genetics from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Afghanistan. We managed to receive a very potent AK47 and decided to crossbred it with our popular Sumo’s Big Bud (Big Bud X New Big Bud). The Big Bud genetics will give the Ultimate Ak a massive harvest with a long lasting energetic high effect.

    A great strain to grow.

    Flowering time and appearance
    The Ultimate AK is a very easy to grow strain with a flowering time of 8 weeks
    indoors. One of our most rapid finishing hybrid cannabis strains in our collection. Outdoors it will take 8 months and you can harvest this beauty in the beginning of October. She will remain small (0,50 – 0,90 cm indoors) but bushy with rock hard buds covered with glistening crystals.

    The buds are almost without leaves which makes it easy to manicure during the harvest. Outdoors she can reach a height of 160 cm. She will grow more wide than in length. Although she is very mold resistant be careful in humid and rainy regions.

    Yield indoor/outdoor
    We managed to create a perfect hybrid with the indica high yielding properties. Indoors a harvest between 420 to 520 is possible for even a novice grower.

    If grown outdoors you can count on a harvest between 650 to 750 grams per
    plant. With enough sunlight and warm summers you can easily increase the yield of the Ultimate AK.

    A long-lasting energetic high with a mellow and relaxing feeling is the best
    way to describe the effect of The Ultimate AK. Both the THC level and CBD level are in the medium range. It’s a perfect strain for combatting chronic pain, depression and stress.

    Taste and odor
    The taste and odor of the Ultimate AK will amaze you. With a sour and spicy odor you expect an earthy musk flavor. But our Ultimate AK packs a nice sweet and floral taste. The buds have a very potent odor.

    Datasheet Ultimate AK 100%

    AK47 x Big Bud
    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    Flowering (days):
    Height (cm):
    50 -90 (100-160 Outdoor)
    Floral, sweet, spicy
    Long lasting, energetic high
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