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  • Sweet Cheese 100% (5)

    Variety autoflowering and feminized. Our first work with genetic varieties autoflowering this variety can be grown in any season and the onset of flowering is independent of season and photoperiod. All the plants start flowering from the fourth true leaf pair approx.

    This variety produces super-fast plants that are ready to be harvested with aromatic resinous buds, ripe and perfectly formed, just 60 days after seed germination, this group of varieties are blooming faster than is known today day.

    The height of these plants at the end of flowering is small, not passing 80 cm high, so the plant becomes very fast and very discreet. In addition these plants are not affected by contamination its normal bloom lighting, such as streetlights, which inhibit flowering in the rest of cannabis plants.

    Indoor growing the highest yield was achieved with a light cycle throughout the plant life of 18 hours light and 6 dark. Foreign Cultures of the best growing season is from April to October. Musky sweet aroma with tones reminiscent of yeast and cheese.

    Autoflowering: 100%
    Internal Production: 300-450 g/m2
    Foreign Production: 15-50 g / plant
    Flowering indoor: 5 weeks.
    Harvest Exterior: 2 months from germination.

    Datasheet Sweet Cheese 100% (5)

    Cheese x Black Jack
    Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
    mostly Sativa
    Flowering (days):
    Yield Indoor (g/m2):
    Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
    mature cheese and spicy
    strong,long lasting, euphoric, relaxation
    middle of October
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