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    Novice growers needn't feel overwhelmed by Auto Critical HOG from T.H. Seeds, this green giant is in fact a nice and easy plant to grow; she is also capable of serving up impressive yields too. Mostly Indica by nature, this feminized heavy hitter is a harmonious mix of a Tennessee HOG with that of Basque Country Critical Mass.

    Being such an expansive plant, growers will need to ensure they have the adequate growing facilities needed, especially if the choose to grow her indoors. Ventilation for example, is an absolute must for indoor growers, as Auto critical HOG's large resin-covered bud's emit an even larger aroma.

    In terms of actual growth Auto Critical HOG climbs to a moderately tall 100 cm indoors. This figure however, is easily surpassed when she is grown outdoors, where she can reach up to 120 cm (under favorable conditions). On average flowering take place between 65-70 days, eventually resulting in yields that hover between 350-550g/m².

    To some she may be considered a slightly sluggish strain, but when you factor in her propensity for being a highly potent, highly resilient and ever so high yielding; you soon realize that her positives greatly out weight her negatives.

    So all in all, Auto Critical HOG is gentle giant of a strain, her easy manageability effectively paving the way for first-time growers to get some much needed experience with a high quality specimen. Seasoned growers on the other hand will reap the benefits of her abundant yields and top shelf quality.

    Genotype: Indica autoflowering
    Harvest: 70 days from germination.
    Genetics: Critical x HOG x Rudelaris.
    Producción indoor: 20-40 gramos por planta.
    Producción en exterior: Hasta 150g por planta.
    Altura máxima: 120cm.

    Datasheet AUTO Critical Hog 100% (5)

    mostly Indica
    Height (cm):
    Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
    65-70 days
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