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Purple Haze 100% (5)

This vigorous cannabis hybrid expresses the best features of its parent strains — a soaring Haze high combined with the thick resin production of the best Indicas. While not tall enough to ‘kiss the sky’, plants are statuesque and beautiful, with long, running buds that possess pleasing density and a sticky coating of trichomes.

Purple Haze is darker than most Sativas — closer to the deep green of Afghanis than the lime green of equatorial strains. When exposed to low temperatures near the end of flowering, leaves and calyxes can rapidly change colour from dark green to lavender or violet.

The Haze smell is subtle when plants are growing, becoming much richer and sharper when buds are harvested and dried.

Sunny / Mediterranian
Purple Haze Feminised can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.

Average height gain
Purple Haze Feminised will have average height gain during flowering.

Short flowering period (50 - 65 days)
Purple Haze Feminised will have a comparatively short flowering time.

Large Yield
Purple Haze Feminised can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains

70% Sativa
The Purple Haze Feminised strain has large proportion of Sativa genes in its background.

Datasheet Purple Haze 100% (5)

Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
mostly Sativa
Flowering (days):
Height (cm):
Yield Indoor (g/m2):
Head Trip
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