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Brazil Amazonia 100% (7)

A Brazilian strain from the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. Very vigorous and leafy, Brazil Amazonia grows wild in the jungle where indigenous tribes use it in many ways, including to alleviate all kinds of pain, including childbirth.

A potent Sativa effect initially that becomes more sedative as time passes. A bittersweet, fruity aroma and taste, she produces enormous, stem-bending buds. We selected an early flowering strain for this cross, resulting in an end product with some highly desirable properties such as a more compact size and more abundant flowering.

Genotype 25% indica / 75% sativa
Indoor Harvest Time from 65 to 75 days
Flavour Citric fruit
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 400gr indoor / 500-600gr outdoor
Smell High
Efect Medicinal
Resistance to mold Low
Outdoor Harvest Time mid-October
Resistance to plagues Medium
Sex Feminized
Lineage raza pura procedente del sur de brasil
Irrigation tolerancy Medium
Medicinal value High

Datasheet Brazil Amazonia 100% (7)

South Brazil
Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
mostly Indica
Flowering (days):
THC (%):
Yield Indoor (g/m2):
Yield Outdoor (g/Plant):
Sweet, mild, fruity
Slightly sedative yet cerebral, strong
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