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  • Chronic Haze 100% (3)

    The genetic mixture originally used to create the parents of our Chronic Haze is very broad and involves common forebears given that Chronic is a cross between Northern Light, Skunk and AK 47, which are themselves indica/ sativa hybrids from Afghan, Colombian, Mexican and Thai genetics; all of which opens up several possibilities when it comes to crossing these two famous strains.

    After some initial selection and crossing, we chose a fruity specimen with incense notes, giving a new twist to both flavours, which produced higher yields in a shorter flowering period than Haze.

    Growth is very vigorous, especially during the pre-flowering stage, so the utmost care must be taken to control the height the plants reach before flowering as they may grow too high.

    Genotype 60% sativa / 40% indica
    Indoor Harvest Time 9 weeks
    Flavour Incensed
    Way of cropping Ind/Out
    Production 350-450 gr indoor / 350-500 gr outdoor
    Smell High
    Efect Energetic, very durable
    Resistance to mold High
    Outdoor Harvest Time mid-October
    Resistance to plagues High
    Sex Feminized
    Lineage haze/chronic
    Irrigation tolerancy High
    Medicinal value Medium

    Datasheet Chronic Haze 100% (3)

    mostly Sativa
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