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White Widow

White Widow is a classic, a winner of countless awards with a reputation as one of the most powerful strains ever created.

Our geneticists have worked intensively on this potent and vigorous strain to optimize and then stabilize the best features.

The result is a legendary and highly desirable variety that is covered with crystals and delivers generous levels of excellent quality bud.

The Dutch Passion White Widow strain is extremely consistent and easy to grow with any grow method. The quality and consistency is particularly pronounced in our feminized version which has become a best-seller and a standard that other seed companies strive to match.

Dutch Passions White Widow was perfected many years before most of today's seed companies were even established.

That's why many true White Widow aficionados don't mind paying that little bit extra to get genuine 1980's F1 White Widow genetics, with the authentic smell, taste and unmistakably extreme high. Today many commercial seed companies offer White Widow seeds but many of these are distant imitations of the original.

Our original White Widow displays all the genuine hallmarks. The powerful and pungent aroma, the incredible vigor that came from crossing the Brazilian and Indian parentage and the crazy powerful high that is feared and adored.

We declare it to be one of the very few authentic versions on the market and know you can never be disappointed by it. Our customers love Dutch Passions original White Widow reporting great results indoor, outdoors (in warm climates) and in greenhouses.

Datasheet White Widow

Genotype (Indica/Sativa):
mostly Indica
Flowering (days):
THC (%):
pungent aroma
end of october
Cup Winner:
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