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  • Ultraviolet AUTO 100% (3)

    Developed using original White Dwarf x Skunk genes, which were then crossed with Lavender then re-crossed to preserve their autoflowering properties, practically all the most highly valued characteristics of Lavender are preserved in this genial automatic.

    A compact, resinous plant, it has a strong, mainly sweet and fruity scent that can take on decidedly citric, almost exotic, overtones that remind us of mango and lavender. Extremely potent effect.

    This strain will grow for around 14 days after which it will enter a fast flowering cycle. Ultraviolet will be ready approximately 72 days after germination. With proper care, we can expect yields topping 60g per plant even indoors.

    Genotype: Mainly Sativa
    Lineage: White Dwarf x Skunk x Lavender
    Indoor Harvest Time: 6 weeks
    Flavour: Sweet fruit
    Way of cropping: Indoor/Outdoor
    Production: 40-70 gr/plant indoor/outdoor
    Smell: Medium
    Efect: Euphoric
    Resistance to mold: Very high
    Outdoor Harvest Time: Automatic (45 days)
    Resistance to plagues: Medium
    Irrigation tolerancy: Medium
    Medicinal value; High

    Datasheet Ultraviolet AUTO 100% (3)

    mostly Indica
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